Piggery Industry and Business

Course Name:             Manure management and bio gas production

Course Code:              PPD 1204

Course units :              4


Course Description:

Farm manure is increasingly becoming a significant factor contributing to environmental pollution due to poor management/disposal. Utilisation of such materials will not only reduce the threat of environmental pollution but will also provide energy and manure the local population which in the long run will aid in environmental conservation. A Certificate in Biogas Production will equip participants with the critical skills necessary for the utilisation of animal manure and household refuse in the generation of biogas and production of fertilizer in the most cost effective manner.



·         To equip participants with knowledge and skills in the design and construction of a biogas plant

·         To impart entrepreneurship skills and knowledge necessary for the utilisation of house refuse and animal manure to produce fertilizers


Learning Outcomes:  At the end of the MODULE, participants should be able to:

·         Design and construct a biogas plant and utilise animal manure to generate biogas

·         Utilise house hold refuse and sludge to make marketable organic fertilizers



Biogas technology

Manure collection

Manure digestion-types of digesters

Gas collection

Sludge utilisation

Fertilizer production

Refuse and sludge collection and transportation




Packaging and branding



Records management





·         Final examination                                                 30%

·         Progressive assessment                                        20%

·         Student project/Practical assessment                  40%