Year One

This is part of the Course BFP1104. This training will assist you to make choices, and operate the feed mill equipment, farm equipment and machinery and pasture growing equipment/machinery. 

The other component on water will be instructed by Dr. Lubega. A combination of BFP1104-Machinery and BFP1104-Water will be the full skills for the BFP1104 course. 

This course will require you to move to feedmills, farms and farm mechanization centers. Prepare to have some money for transport during self study. The course will include the following topics;

  1. Farm machinery (Tractors, harvesters, planters. Manure applicators, ploughs, spreaders, irrigation machinery  etc
  2. Selection and use of different farm equipment and machinery in pasture and ingredient growing and harvesting
  3. Cleaning and storage equipment
  4. Grinding and mixing equipment
  5. Pelleting, extruding and conditioning machines
  6. Packaging, sealing and  labeling machines

We will have practical sessions arranged accordingly.

To equip learners with knowledge and skills in livestock production as a business and strategic livestock project planning. 

To equip learners with practical skills in utilization and maintenance of equipment/Machinery on a Feed firm or animal farm water management.

To equip students with skills and techniques of dry season feeding technologies, feeds making and production of hay, silage, haylage and hydroponics.

To equip students with skills and techniques in identification, management and use of pasture grasses, legumes and fodder shrubs

This course will enable you develop skills and competences in feed ingredients processing, blending and filling, feed mixing, mash packaging and labeling and storage of feeds.

This course is for both Certificate and Diploma Holders.

This course is an application of the formulations you made in the course Animal Feed Formulation. 

This Course will enable you learn how to make sinking pellets, floating pellets, and crumble feeds. 

It is a continuation of the skills you learnt from Monogastric Feed Production I.

This course will offered by both certificate and Diploma Students

This course will enable the learner to gain practical skills in making feed recipes or formula for all livestock. 

Feed Industry and Community Development