Year One


Course Name: Slaughter, pork grading and products processing

Course Code:  PPD 1202

Course unit:    3


Course Description:   The course will elaborate all the important aspects of high quality pork production from buying of pigs for slaughter to pork marketing. The learners will acquire all skills of pig products processing. The course is suitable for individuals who trade in live pigs, pork and pork products, those who slaughter pigs and abattoir proprietors or managers in addition to animal products processors.



·          To elaborate all the standard operations involved in the trade of live pigs, pork and pork products

·         To equip participants with entrepreneur skills for trade and marketing of pigs, pork and pork products

·         To expose participants to proper slaughter techniques and management of slaughter houses

·         To equip learners with knowledge and skills in techniques in adding value to pork


Learning Outcomes:  At the end of the course, participants should be able to:

·         Run pork and pigs marketing as a profitable business

·         Properly manage an abattoir and a butcher

·         Prolong the shelf life of pork through the various methods of preservation

·         Process quality products from pig and be able Brand and Package the processed products


1.      Field handling of pigs for slaughter

2.      Transportation of pigs for slaughter

3.      Pre slaughter procedures

4.      Slaughter practices

5.      Equipment handling and cleaning

6.      Preservation methods

7.      Local processing and storage

8.    Introduction to pig product processing

9.    Pork hygiene

10.     Principles of Packaging and Branding

11.     Branding and Packaging

12.  Processing and packaging ham, Pig fat, bacon and sausages

13.  Slaughter place hygiene

14.  Equipment hygiene and safety

15.  Production of safe pork products

16.  Quality assurance and control

This Course will enable learners to acquire skills in pig feed production and feeding. This course will involve learning activities that are a blend of self study, video watching, quiz, assignments, and tutorials among others. The activities will be open through out the day to allow flexibility of internet connectivity and time of the learners. This Course will be handled by Dr. Joshua Isiko (Animal Feeds and Training Expert) and Mr. Jolly M. Bwire ( A Pig production Expert). We wish you all the best in your study. 

The MODULE is aimed at training the participants in all practical and theoretical aspects essential for proper selection and breeding of pigs plus caring of piglets

Pig farm planning and structures design

Pig Structure Construction